CEAD group of companies

AV Product Range

At CEAD AV we research, design, develop, and manufacture high end residential, commercial and professional speakers specialising in Distributed Mode and Balanced Radiator speaker technology. We are also Australian resellers and distributers of leading audio brands.

SEGRETTO Invisible Speakers

High fidelity speakers concealed within the walls or ceilings. Create the living space you desire without the clutter of speaker boxes or the distraction of speaker grilles.

Available as Duo or Quattro.

CEAD NEW Products

The CEAD research and development team is driven
by technology, corporate, service, acoustic and retail professionals to continually develop new and exciting products for all current and future market trends.

ARTISON Studio SoundBar Series

These three models represent new technology and the kind of attention to detail that makes them the perfect centre point of any audio system. Featuring extruded aluminum enclosures just 2.2″ deep and proprietary, woven carbon fiber woofers.

ARTISON Studio 55-SB

Six long-throw, carbon fiber mid-woofers are complimented by high-performance XT tweeters for amazing clarity and crystal clear response. Even at this width, the stage tweeters on each end of the enclosure expand the soundstage to fill the entire wall with sound.

ARTISON Studio 46-SB

The 46 steps up to two woofers in each of the three channels adding one each to the left and right. It also has one stage tweeter on each end of the enclosure that fire back toward the wall creating a wider soundstage and a more enveloping sonic experience.


This compact yet powerful offering features the same proprietary, woven, carbon-fiber mid-woofers found on its larger siblings. Two each of these drivers flank a soft-dome tweeter for the centre channel with one woofer and tweeter handling left and right channels.


Artison’s LCR DualMono® MK2 speakers offer a seamless, high fidelity solution that dramatically enhances and connects the audio and video in one Total Involvement Experience®.  The LCRDM-MK2 series combine three front-channel speakers (Left, Right, Center) in two slim enclosures utilising Artison’s patented DualMono® Center Channel technology.

ARTISON Masterpiece LCR-DM Mk2

Masterpiece LCRDM MK2 versatile speakers utilise four Curved Line Arrays comprised of thirty-two 25mm ART (Artison Reference Theatre) Drivers to disperse the sound in a wide horizontal image and a controlled vertical dispersion pattern for the midrange and high frequencies. The midrange and woofer frequencies are reproduced through the innovative Carbon Fibre Woofers. This custom designed and manufactured low profile woofer allows for long throw and low frequency response with a ported cabinet.


Artison’s patented DualMono® Centre Channel technology combines three front-channel speakers (Left, Right, centre) in two slim enclosures utilising Artison’s patented DualMono® Centre Channel technology, which projects crisp clear dialogue from the centre of the video display rather than above or below the set.


The DualMono® Center Channel audio essentially encloses three speaker channels into two chassis’ and eliminates the need for a separate centre channel box. Super Audio Tweeters and Long Throw Carbon Fibre Woofers round out the driver complement.